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5 Styling Secrets To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Let’s be honest - we all want to live in a beautiful, jaw dropping home, but not all of us want or have resources to hire a professional designer. Running an online abstract art gallery has brought us to many homes, having worked on many interior decor projects we have gathered quite a lot of information on what makes spaces look amazing and are more than happy to share it with you in this blog post.




Secret No. 1: Art


No interior can be complete without art, and no home can look amazing without artworks. Art is a must have at any space, be it your bedroom or home office. It adds colour, texture, beauty, triggers your imagination and emotions and, no doubt, brings a sense of luxury.


Art is our number one priority when it comes to styling absolutely any space, because one can not create an amazing interior with empty walls and corners.


That is why paintings and sculptures are a necessity. Besides, choosing them is an interesting and exciting journey and the offer these days is enormous, so anyone can find an artwork that would fit their taste and their wallet.


Secret No. 2: Textiles


Textiles at our homes are important part of the interior, because they do take a lot of space, especially curtains and carpets. So if you have old or cheap looking curtains - throw them out and look for something modern, because they dominate the room.


Your sofa does not look cool, but you don’t want to get rid of it? Get some colourful pillows and a throw a stylish blanket over it. This will make it look better and make your room more cosy.


Secret No. 3: Plants


Plants always bring life and cosiness into spaces. Place them on shelves, tables, floors and fill your space with calming green. The more - the better.


Secret No. 4: Lovely Details


Go on a hunt for charming home decor items - beautiful candles, elegant vases, cool ashtrays and other lovely objects to make your home stand out. Visit your local vintage shop, browse EBay and check Etsy for handmade stuff. Remember, details are very important, because they all add up to an overall impression.


Secret No. 5: Light


Light is the tool to create a desired atmosphere in your home. It can be cosy, intimate and even sexy. The major advice here - go for multiple light sources instead of one bright lamp. Several lighting points let’s you create different atmospheres depending on the occasion or mood and always make rooms cosier. 


We hope that you found these tips useful and if you are looking for unique wall decor - please visit our painting gallery online and take a look at contemporary artworks created by professional international artists.